6 Reasons Why You Should Teach Art Early to Your Kids

Being a parent means bearing great responsibility for your child’s development. You’re probably always wondering, ‘’Am I doing enough?’’ or ‘’Are my kids doing well among their peers?’’ While your children will surely find their own path in time, there is one thing that can never go wrong — teaching your kids art and how to express themselves.


Art will help your children gain confidence, speak their minds, focus, and enjoy leisure activities. With the right mindset, they will be set to thrive no matter what career path they choose later on. Some of the recommended activities (age-appropriate, of course) are:


  • coloring
  • drawing and painting
  • crafts making
  • discovering art history
  • going to museums

Greatly Improves Creativity

Did you know that 72% of business leaders find creativity the most desirable skill in the hiring process? Creative people make a difference wherever they are and get recognized as change-makers and problem-solvers. 


So, art is the way to go from, literally, your kids’ first steps. Vivid imagination and the right way of channeling it are the perfect combo in a child’s personal development! If you want your kid to think outside of the box, sign them up for an artistic activity or simply organize craft days at your home. And the best part — you can join them! Art will be a perfect stress relief for you as well.    


A creative mindset is a necessary skill in the modern world. Luckily, kids born in the 21st century can become whoever they want to be. Nonetheless, in a world that constantly changes, adaptability is crucial. A creative mind will react better to change and find solutions more easily.

Artistic Way of Self Expression

Even adults aren’t always certain on how to express their opinions and emotions, and for kids, this can especially be challenging. Practicing art from a young age enables children another way of expression that is more fun and non-verbal. Toddlers aren’t capable of engaging in a debate, but they surely have a lot on their minds, and art will surely help them interact with the big wide world.


If your kid is hyperactive and struggles to focus, art will guide their energy into creation. On the other hand, if your child is shy or unobtrusive, art will help them gain confidence and make friends of similar interests. 


Either way, art makes us understand ourselves better, notice more details in our surroundings, utilize our senses, and communicate freely with the world. Kids who practice art from a young age are 30% more likely to pursue a professional career due to their ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

Builds Up Intra- and Inter-Personal Skills

Finding your place in the world is never easy, and it’s challenging for every generation. Some studies suggest that the first six years of our lives are formative, meaning that’s when we soak in and adopt essential behaviors and habits. 


It’s always good to encourage your kids to explore their ideas and follow their curiosity because they will later be adults who understand the correlation between thoughts and actions very well. They will be able to observe the world cleverly and understand their impact on it. Additionally, kids who engage in arts education perform better in school. They are four times more likely to get recognized for academic achievement and five times less likely to drop out of school


While creativity lies in one’s mind, it’s also a great way to make friends and meet like-minded people. Kids enjoy group activities and sharing hobbies with their best friends! Art can be a bonding experience for kids and parents, and kids among themselves. Plus, your kid will have a sense of belonging when surrounded by other kids with similar interests. 

Enhances Mental Functions

Neuroscientists claim that there is a correlation between better cognitive function and art. Creative activities enhance brain plasticity, which is ‘’the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections.’’

Many parents try out different tactics when it comes to the cognitive development of their children, and who wouldn’t want their kid to thrive? Engaging your kid with art is beneficial on all cognitive levels:


  • knowledge
  • comprehension
  • application
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • evaluation

Also, did you know that looking at beautiful paintings and other works of art can increase your blood flow to the brain by as much as 10%? There’s a suggestion for a fun, bonding experience with your kid — visit the nearest museum! Yes, art and parenting should be inseparable. It’ll be educational and open the world of possibilities to your little one. 

Hastens Motor Skill Growth

Motor skill development and arts for kids are tightly linked! Your children’s hand-eye coordination will be hastened by fun activities that include the utilization of various materials and objects, e.g., clay modeling and finger painting. Mastering motor skills is crucial for your kid’s confidence and growth. They will interact with their surroundings more freely and willingly. 


Naturally, the motor development checklist will change how your child grows. But you can adapt programs and activities to your kid’s age, even when they are toddlers! There are many educational books and manuals that can help, but here are some fun ideas:

  • raised salt painting (toddlers and older)
  • photo collage with leaves (3+)
  • hand-made tiles (6+)
  • DIY cards (3+)


While it’s very important to keep track of your child’s motor development and encourage them to grow, it’s equally important to let them have fun and express their creativity. Offer your kid a choice and listen to their suggestions instead of picking every activity for them in advance. In that manner, besides having fun, they will feel a sense of agency!

Instills Good Moral Values

We all come from different backgrounds, and diversity is beautiful! Of course, raising children is a mix of tradition and progress, but we all want to see our kids becoming loving, kind, and successful people. How can art help?


Art relieves your kid from stress, anxiety, and sadness. It’s a great and healthy mechanism to present to your kids. Instead of turning to aggressive and destructive behavior, your kid will know how to deal with emotions. This level of emotional maturity will make your kids empathetic, aware, observant, and caring in the long run.  


Artistic tendencies are correlated with people skills. Those who tend to be good at art are more winsome and charming, studies show. Plus, creative activities will make your kids better team players. They will know how to work together with other kids and how to have fun with their peers, too! 


While making them more sociable, art will, at the same time, help them become more independent and solution-oriented. They will choose to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past.