Bracelets to stronger your friendship: The friendship bracelets

Although it is increasingly possible to find friendship bracelets that adorns the hands of youth, it has particular significance for Americans, having its long history in their culture, taking its origins from the Indian tribes who previously inhabited this land. Nevertheless, the fast “rewind” for several centuries ahead will transfer to the 1970s, when these bracelets represented not only friendship, but also turned into fashionable clothes of ethnic style. And the most remarkable thing about them is that even in the 21st century they still retain their relevance and, undoubtedly, will never go out of style.

Bracelets for friends

Perhaps you have already gone shopping or sifted through various Internet sites, looking for a friendship bracelet, while not really wondering what its significance really is. The meaning is as follows: this decoration is given to a person very close to you, in order to symbolize thus the strength and durability of your friendship. They are designed to be tied around a friend’s wrist, and their lightness does not create any discomfort when wearing, which shows to those around you and the whole world that you are fortunate enough to have such deep friendly feelings with someone who cares about you enough to present her symbolism.

The best bracelets for friends that you exchange are those that, through various shades of color, reflect the intrinsic character traits. In the end, each of us is a person, and it is not surprising that some qualities and characteristics are valued above all others. Therefore, the next time you choose the perfect combination of colors for baubles from threads, do not forget the meaning of each of them:

  • Red symbolizes honesty;
  • Orange – energy;
  • Yellow – cheerfulness and fun;
  • Green – luck;
  • Blue – loyalty;
  • Pink – kindness;
  • Black is mind and power.

Friendship bracelets: manual schemes and options

Bracelets for friends, in addition to their timeless relevance in terms of fashion, have another excellent feature: the concept of right or wrong “getting” them is missing: most stores in your local mall or online resources will offer this type of accessories with hundreds Different colors or designs to choose from. However, it’s not at all necessary to buy – you are quite able to make your own!

Naturally, you can find a lot of articles and videos on the Internet, as well as helping to make your own friendship bracelets; however, you can try to show imagination and use the most popular way of making them, implying the use of dental floss. It will serve as the basis for weaving colored threads, although nothing should restrain your imagination: use various beads as decoration, and instead of dental floss you can use hemp, linen or even silk threads.

Why is it worth having such a decoration?

The peculiarity of friendship bracelets is that as soon as you begin to give them, you will probably soon receives the same in return. And although they are a type of fashion accessory, when they are given to you by someone important, then they really have a deeper meaning. After all, true friendships – what is necessary to protect and nurture, and sometimes a simple object, such as a friendship bracelet – is all that is needed for confirmation.

Dear readers of the online magazine “Handicraft and Creative”, today you will find an amazing master class on creating funny bright naughty bracelets using macrame technique. Those who were children in the eighties, will surely remember how all the girls at school were addicted to macrame and were obsessively weaving bright bracelets for girlfriends. Friendship bracelets in macrame technique circled the head with a variety of colors, sizes and patterns. Surprisingly, to weave such ornaments even for little schoolgirls was not a difficult task.

Many people have these deep feelings of loyalty and friendship throughout their lives. Of course, there are those who have become friends in their youth or already in adulthood and value this as much. The main thing is that there is a friend on Earth who will always understand, help and support, and will not ask for anything in return. Friendship has been valued by people for many, many years.

There are many different ways to show and show your friendly feelings towards a person, but lately it has become very popular to do this with the help of symbolic friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelet Features

The main feature of friendship bracelets is that they are usually paired. Many friends decide to purchase identical bracelets that will symbolize their connection and strong friendship. Some friends add to this ritual and symbolic putting on the bracelet on his hand.

Thus, like the ceremony of exchanging rings at a marriage ceremony, friends exchange jewelry and promise that they will not remove it until it breaks or is damaged. This tradition was among the Indians and hippies, which indicates that this rite of exchange of bracelets goes back to ancient times.

The bracelet pattern also matters, although many say that it is not the most important thing. If such a pattern like a friend and it is emblematic for each of them, the role of the bracelet friendship bracelet you can use any. However, there are traditional solutions that are in demand and popularity. There is no single system of symbols or a certain system of rules; everyone chooses one that is closer to the soul.

The color and color of such a decoration has a special role, however, this can also be neglected if you have a special relation to a certain color. However, it is better if you not only choose your favorite color, but also know what is actually hidden under it. In some other places like India a bracelet or especially a bangle is one of the most important ornament for women. It holds an integral part of Indian culture.

Primary colors for friendship bracelets:

Transparent color means purity. This color can emphasize the purity of friendship, the absence of selfish plans and the benefits of such relationships between people. White color symbolizes purity, innocence, goodness and faith. If your relationship is built on these qualities, then the white bracelet will fit better than any other. Blue is the color of calm and openness. Usually it is well suited for long harmonious friendships. Green color means life and youth. Especially often this choice is made by young people who value their friendship and want to talk about it in any way. Red is the color of love, affection. After all, love is not always a passion and a relationship between a man and a woman; love can also be friendly. So do not be afraid to show feelings with the help of red. Yellow color symbolizes warmth, sunshine, lightness and joy, ease.

Violet color means wisdom, dreams. So to friends who are not only friends of the heart, but this particular color is also suitable for the friendship bracelet. In addition, the colors in the bracelet can be combined with each other. Often, true friends choose colorful, rainbow-colored bracelets, where all the qualities and feelings are revealed. Such jewelry also serves as a stimulator of a good mood, so if you do not have a friendship bracelet, then you should think about his choice.