Types Of String Bracelets You Should Set Your Eyes On

Fashion is largely dictated by factories which have already gained popularity due to the elegance and quality of their products. Massive, rather complex and eye-catching accessories, which immediately attract attention and become the highlight of the whole image, are very popular. In addition, leather bracelets with gold are in trend. They resemble decorations of ancient Vikings and are designed for bold and stylish images.

Gold bracelets with stones are not forgotten. They are made from high-grade alloys, and models are developed by famous designers. But these decorations are not suitable for everyday wear, and they should be carefully selected wardrobe. Jewelry with semiprecious stones is gaining popularity, for example, a gold bracelet with a garnet looks very stylish. The bloody color of the stone and the brilliance of gold attract and fascinate. There are Types of gold string braceletsalso.

How it is correct to wear a gold bracelet

There are a number of specific rules to follow when putting on a bracelet.It is customary for women to wear a bracelet on their right hand, which is often visible, and therefore the decoration will always be more noticeable. In addition, it is considered that it is in this hand that the girl wears a handbag, with which the bracelet should always be combined.

There are no restrictions for men, except to consider which hand they have on their watch. Wearing a watch and a bracelet on one hand is contraindicated especially if they differ in style. Designers do not recommend using several different gold bracelets at the same time. Only paired bracelets on different hands or oriental jewelry, which are, the whole composition, are allowed for sharing.

Gold bracelets area

On the wrist: The most common type of bracelets thin neat chains, combined with a light outfit in the style of Chanel. Also, the female wrist looks great with classic gold rings. But harmony of wardrobe is also important here.

On the shoulder: They are worn on the upper arm, on the forearm or shoulder. These bracelets are usually quite massive, with convenient clips to adjust the size. Most often, they are made of solid gold plates with a certain engraving. This plate has a clamp design. That is, putting on the jewelry closer to the place of the hand seal, the clip clasps the arm.The bracelet is held tightly, without sliding off.

On the foot: It is very original, when in the summer a neatly complemented ensemble is a graceful bracelet on the ankle. Usually they have a strong lock and a minimum of weight to reduce the load. Bracelets are very beautifully combined with shoes without straps on the ankle, as if complementing them. They can be in the form of gold chains, plates, and can be made of leather with gold inserts.

On the neck: Bracelets are worn on the neck, and it does not always look silly or ugly. It all depends on the bracelet itself. Here you need to be very careful about the choice, because such a decoration can border on the type of collar, and also look quite vulgar.

Golden Bracelets for Men

Men’s gold bracelets on hand in ancient times were a sign of high status in society. They were worn by princes and high-ranking nobles. This accessory showed the status of the owner and elevated it above the others.

Currently, it is the decoration of successful men. Not always beauty and physical strength makes a man attractive to women. Most often it is an aura of success, high status and the ability to achieve goals. Next to these men are always the most beautiful women.

The appearance of a golden bracelet casts a thought about the high position in the society of its owner not only to women, but also to potential partners. Therefore, a business person is so important to unobtrusively emphasize their status. After all, he is the face of the company. The more expensive it looks, the more expensive it can sell its services and demand more for cooperation with it.

For men, the choice of gold bracelets is limited rather to the wrist. A powerful chain with large scales or links will look very nice. Generally, on a man’s hand dense wide bracelets perfectly look. Although their choice should also depend on the build of a man and even on his age. On a young man with a thin wrist while a wide massive bracelet of gold will look as ridiculous as on a large middle-aged young man a thin chain of gold with elegant weaving.

To emphasize elegance, you must choose a bracelet with white gold, but if the main goal is to emphasize solidity, then a massive gold bracelet will be the best example. Creative personality, loving experiments and original solutions, you should look at the combined bracelets. Very often you can find leather goods with gold elements. This option is suitable for parties with friends, relaxing in an informal setting. In addition, there are many bracelets with precious and semi-precious stones.

Gold bracelet care

Gold is a soft metal, and with careless handling, even the most elegant jewelry will quickly lose their appearance. Remove the gold bracelet, doing homework.Protect it from dampness and from the ingress of chemicals like perfume, nail polish remover.

Do not shower or sleep with a gold bracelet on your arm. Too active use of the bracelet will not protect it from mechanical damage. And under the influence of a large weight, it can even bend or tear. After removing the decoration, wipe it with a soft flannel cloth.Every six months, carry out preventive cleaning of gold jewelry. Here are a few methods that can be used both as a preventive measure and for immediate cleaning of gold jewelry:

Method number 1: Soak your bracelet in soapy water. It is best to make a weak solution of baby shampoo, as it contains fewer chemicals. Leaving so decoration for a couple of hours, pull it out, rinse and wipe dry with a flannel or suede cloth to shine.

Method number 2: In the pre-prepared soap solution (0.5 liters), add three or four drops of ammonia. Leave the jewelry in this solution overnight, and in the morning, rinse them under running water and let it dry. This method will not only add shine to the jewelry, but also prevent their darkening.

Method number 3: Per 100 grams of water, you need two tablespoons of powder. Put the formed solution on a slow fire and immerse the decorations there. After boiling pour two tablespoons of vinegar and boil for 15 minutes. Take out your bracelet, rinse and let it dry.

These three methods are the most common and proven. They are suitable not only for cleaning gold bracelets, but for gold jewelry in general. Using all the rules written above, you will always look stylish and fashionable, and your gold bracelet will be as good as new. Store jewelry in a box, in special cases it prevents them from scratching each other. Soft bracelets should be kept even without bending.

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